Why Racking Empire?

Racking Empire is one of the fast growing and leading manufacturer in storage systems and warehousing industries in Malaysia. It is specialized in the design, manufacturing, sale and services of metal racking, automated warehouses and all kind of storage solutions. With over 20 years of storage and logistics expertise, our racking product is always No. 1 choice for our local and oversea customers.

What exactly Racking Empire doing? Just Racking system?

In Racking Empire we make all sort of racking system that you requ\est. From Selective, double deep, VNA, Push back, Drive In, Shelving, Mezzanine Floor, Automated System, Accessories like Steel pallet, wire basket cage, wire rolling cart and so on. Basically, Racking Empire is one stop solution for warehousing and maximizing storage System Company.

If  I’m a warehouse planner, purchasing officer, factory manager, and I would like to look for a warehouse specialist to help me for maximizing my storage and get a quote, Can Racking Empire help?

Yes, Racking Empire is packed with experienced Engineers that will definitely suggest, share, design and maximizing your warehouse storage and giving a competitive market pricing.

 Does Racking Empire provide warranty for its products?

Yes, we provide 24 months warranty for manufacturing defect only. Any issues resulting from misuse or damage will not be covered but we would be on hand to offer advice and assistance if repairs are needed.

How long will it take to complete a warehouse with 5000 pallet locations?

After signing or acknowledge of purchase order, we need to produce 3- 4weeks in our factory and usually 5000 pallet location will take 4 weeks for installation.

Is Racking Empire a trading company or manufacturing factory?

Racking Empire is a racking manufacturer that located in Bukit Minyak, Penang, Malaysia with 1.5 acres factory build up and 4 acres land.

What is the difference between own Manufacturing and trading company?

For a manufacturer, we do have distributors everywhere across the world. Reason is because the distributors might serve and response better than us because we may not response immediately across countries.

What can I expect for after sales service from Racking Empire?

We do have our own after sales service mobile crew to attend our customers ‘complaint.  We treat after sale service as our priority concern as it can directly affect our brand name from word of mouth.

What is the operating hour in Racking Empire?

Our office opens from 8:30am to 6pm every Monday to Saturday.

Can I pay a visit to Racking Empire factory?

We welcome all our customers to visit our Racking Empire factory. We strongly advise to make an appointment with our Sales Engineer or business representative before dropping to avoid disappointment.

What design code or standard that we use for designing the racking system?

We are using FEM and RMI for designing the racking system. Our product design is comply with FEM and our associate are certified by RMI.

How often should pallet racking be inspect?

It is the duty of every responsible employer or owner to ensure that warehouse storage space is a safe place to work. We recommend the inspection should carry out on an annual basics and a regular racking inspection from competent staff.

Do you install racking systems, dismantle or relocate our existing rack (local)?

Yes. We have our own racking installation teams based throughout Malaysia to ensure safe and prompt installation, dismantle or relocate.

Do you supply suitable storage systems for cold storage?

Yes. We regularly supply pallet racking to cold storage / freezer facilities. Generally, the racking system doesn’t need any modification if the temperatures are well below freezing.

Is your racking compatible with my existing racking?

We do not advise mixing two different brands in the same bay of racking. Pallet rack capacities are applicable using just one brand of racking, and warranty will be void if combinations of brands are used in the same bay.