Drive-In Racking


Drive-In Racking

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With drive-in racking, pallets are placed so they can slide backwards on a rail, thus storing them more deeply and creating more space in the warehouse. Drive-In Racking involves the forklift entering the racking from one side to load or retrieve the pallets which are stored more deeply. If you have large amounts of similar products and a limited space then drive-in racking is probably your best option when it comes to storage.


  • Freezer or cold storage can be expensive therefore organisations will want to store as many products in as limited space as possible.
  • If you have numerous pallets of a similar product, drive-in racking creates more efficient use of space in a warehouse instead of selective type racking where there are many aisles with spaces in between to account for access of a forklift.


  • For one, these racks are more open to misuse, so it’s important that the rack is strong and reliable in order to last.
  • Second is the Last In First Out (LIFO) aspect of racking; where the last and newest/fresh product will replace the older products at the front of the racking row; therefore old products will not be used before new products are added.

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