Selective Racking


Selective Racking

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Selective Pallet Racking is the most common type of warehouse racking; it has the lowest pallet storage capacity; but is also the lowest cost per square metre of racking. However, in terms of high volume storage greater than 3000 pallets it’s often the most expensive solution. Selective Racking is a First in First out (FIFO) racking type


  • Access large range of Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s)
  • First In First Out (FIFO) inventory management.
  • Cheapest type of racking (Per square metre)
  • Multiple access (more than one truck in same aisle)
  • No special truck requirements
  • Lower Forklift or Pallet Handling costs; as standard forklifts are cheaper than specialised equipment.
  • Floor level is not critical (front loaded)


  • Requires large amount of warehouse space to store high volume of stock.
  • High storage cost when volumes are medium and above
  • Increased loading and unloading times of limited product or stock lines; as the same stock would need to be placed on different individual rack heights/widths.
  • Poorly suited for high volume applications; with limited SKU’s
  • Limited storage height (12m)

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